No without doubt Alghero is one of the most beautiful cities of Sardinia.
Alghero is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and thanks to the low cost flights now is really easy to reach. This is also the main reason why Alghero became as attractive as a second residence not only to Italians but also for English and Germans. You can reach it quickly, Alghero is cheap and easy as your second home, or if you want to make your summer holidays in Sardinia. Not only that: once Alghero always Alghero because Alghero is becoming the kind of heard place in Europe for the very special type of persons who like to live their life with less stress in a unique natural place, surrounded with the well-known beaches and friendly, nice people but at the same time not to have the feeling of living on an isolated island.

Catch the dreams and set it: your apartment / house or villa in or around Alghero with all of what Alghero has to offer, very close to your home. If you occasionally get bored, use the central position of Alghero and take a low cost trip to Madrid, London, Rome, Milan, Stockholm and Barcelona to name a few. This is also the reason why Alghero has a good return of investment and gets known by more and more people.
Many use this advantage to choose it as their first residence in Sardinia as they are cheap general flights, fares, etc.


The tourists love the natural beaches around Alghero. Famous beaches such as Lazaretto, Maria Pia, or Le Bombarde are just some.

Alghero is also known as the pearl of red coral coast. In addition Alghero has much more to offer. Its monuments, the Catalan culture, dozens of events all over the year become more and more important. Even at the turn of the year the famous “Cad d’any” you find any number of events and concerts where almost all of Sardinians come together to this special New Year’s event to celebrate together.

The famous red coral jewellery a traditional hand crafts as well as the particularly silver and gold jewellery from an old tradition is in the many small alleys of the Old Town. In addition to numerous other shops in the old town and the many pubs and restaurants in addition to traditional seafood cuisine. Sardinian wine lovers come naturally to those outstanding Sardinian wines good.

You can go and visit the wine cellars of the world gained fame include Sella Mosca and Santa Maria La Palma few minutes by car from Alghero.
In the close area around Alghero there are many typical Locals the so-called agritourism where you can really eat and drink a lot. Everything comes from its cultivation. It is really worth it.
Last but not least close to Alghero are the caves of Nettuno to visit, either by boat or by car. In this case you go to Capo Caccia and then a walk down the plenty of stairs to the caves.

For more information about Alghero you can see the website: Sardegna turismo